She wasn't crying about the painful divorce she had been through, or about her business that had failed. Radios also been part of science and exploring expeditions since they became easily available.

An obvious explanation is a hearing aid. Hearing aids were introduced around that time. Perhaps it was a walkie-talkie. Or perhaps the person was just talking to herself.

Shield yourself from electromagnetic smog. Turn off Wi-Fi and computers. Use foil under your mattress. Consider getting a special protective canopy (available online) to shield yourself from cell tower near rural areas.

But with Iowans' re-introduction of the white-tailed deer and nature's replenishment of wildlife habitats, cougars are making their way back, following in the tracks of returning bobcats. A Fairfield resident said that she has curtailed her evening walks because her neighbor has sometimes seen cougar tracks around his pond.

It may be a non-issue for now, but, with over 1.5 million phones sold so far in just the first day on the market, there had better be a fix for a signal strength problem soon. The article also states that, with such thorough testing of the product, it is hard to believe that the signal strength issue is related to hardware.

It's hard to sleep when adrenaline is rushing through your system! Toxins turned out to be the case with the patient I mentioned earlier. I started detoxification treatment, and she is on her way to normal sleep--and getting her life back.

Cell phone use can affect male and female fertility. Researchers found in a study of 361 men at infertility clinics an association between cell phone use and sperm quality. It was found that on average the more hours the men spent on the cell phone each day, the lower their sperm count and the greater the percentage of abnormal sperm was. The scientists are suggesting that the long term exposure to the electromagnetic energy could harm body tissue by damaging the DNA.

How do solar energy systems work? Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Sunlight, our most powerful light is then absorbed by solar panels. Photovoltaic (also called PV systems) refer to solar powered systems.

Originally, Golf GPS devices were course-owned. Working like a two-way radio, the employees in the clubhouse or pro shop could pinpoint where each player was on the course. Through this type of advanced walkie-talkie intercommunication, the golfers could order a table and drinks at the nineteenth hole while they were coming up to the eighteenth, or reach someone in case of urgency. Some private clubs still offer these devices, but they are quickly going the way of the do-do since more golfers carry cell phones on the course.

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